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Dynamic Modelling and Fault Diagnosis of an Induction Motor

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This paper presents a technique for developing a dynamic model of an induction motor and its fault diagnosis. This model is used for simulating the operating conditions of the Induction Motor both during the healthy case as well as in case of fault occurrence. The operating conditions of these can be differentiated from each other with respect to either the line current signature or the frequency spectrum of the line current. The model developed is simulated and the results depict the line current as well as its frequency spectrum for the healthy motor and for the faulty motor operation. The faults are introduced into the model by varying the model parameters. The results obtained in this case are used to identify the type of fault affecting a real Induction Motor. The line current signature is obtained as well as its frequency spectrum analysis is carried out and the frequency spectrum is compared with those obtained for different faults through the model to identify the type of fault thus providing an effective way of fault recognition.
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Squirrel Cage Induction Motor; Faults; Fault Diagnosis; Healthy Motor; Unbalanced Input Voltages; Stator Turn to Turn Short Circuit; Break in Stator Windings; Loss of Stator Phase

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