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Modeling and Simulation of a new BIST Circuit with VHDL-AMS: Application for Loop Filter Testing

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In the RF and mixed signal IC design, Built in Self Test (BIST) technique is becoming an important issue that affects both the time-to-market and product cost of many modem electronic systems. In most cases, these systems are evaluated and designed with electrical stimulation method. The main problem of electrical simulation tools is that the extraction of the parameters associated with the performances of circuit and the design rules depend broadly on the intuition of the experts. To overcome this problem, an efficient methodology for top-down design, modeling, and simulation of complete BIST circuit to validate its proper function before moving on to transistor level implementation is presented in this paper. The described method is based in
behavioral modeling strategy using hardware description language VHDL-AMS. At behavioral level, the performances of circuits are optimized by modeling and simulation these performances parameters with a hardware description language without considering its transistor level implementation. Hence, methods and algorithms for modeling has been developed, for simulation, in order to decrease the total simulation time, validation of systems, and accelerate the production cycle of electronic devices. The proposed BIST schema based on modeling and simulation strategy is applied to test a loop filter. Extensive simulation study shows that the proposed BIST approach can efficiently detect the loop filter fault and tolerate this type of fault, and so offers high fault coverage of 100% for the fault detects.
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BIST (Built In Self Test) Circuit; Top-down Design; Modeling and Simulation Process; Behavioral Modeling; VHDL-AMS; Loop Filter; PLLs

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