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Numerical and Theoretical Modeling of Natural Convection of Nanofluids in a Vertical Rectangular Cavity

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In this work, we have conducted a numerical and theoretical study of a non-stationary laminar natural convection in a vertical rectangular enclosure filled with a mixture of water and nanoparticles, and heated from the vertical sides. The governing equations have been discretized by the finite volume method using a hybrid scheme. A numerical code was conceived and realized in this context to solve the obtained equations. A parametric study was conducted by considering the Rayleigh number, the type of nanofluid and the solid volume fraction. Enhanced and mitigated heat transfer effects due to the presence of nanoparticles are identified and highlighted. Based on these insights, we determine the impact of fluid temperature on the heat transfer of nanofluids. An increase in mean Nusselt number was found with the volume fraction of nanoparticles for the whole range of Rayleigh number. It was found that the heat transfer enhancement, using nanofluids, is more pronounced at low aspect ratio than at high aspect ratio.
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Natural Convection; Nanofluid; Numerical Modeling; Finite Volume Method

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