Design of Super-Capacitor based Frequency Control Ancillary Services with the Computation of Ancillary Service Requirement Assessment Indices

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The successful operation of an interconnected power system requires not only matching the total generation with total load and the associated system losses but also should emphasis better Ancillary Services for improved power quality. The disturbances to the power system due to a small load change can even result in wide deviation in system frequency and quick restoration process are of prime importance not only based on the time of restoration and also should ensure stability limits. This paper proposes various design procedures for computing Power System Ancillary Service Requirement Assessment Indices (PSASRAI) for a Two-Area Thermal Reheat Interconnected Power System (TATRIPS) in a restructured environment based on the settling time and peak over shoot concept of the control input deviations of each area. Energy storage is an attractive option to augment demand side management implementation, so Super Capacitor Energy Storage (SCES) unit can be efficiently utilized to meet the demands.    The design of the Proportional plus Integral (PI) controller gains for the restructured power system without and with SCES unit are carried out using Bacterial Foraging Optimization (BFO) algorithm. These controllers are implemented to achieve a faster restoration time in the output responses of the system when the system experiences with various step load perturbations. In this paper the PSASRAI are calculated for different types of possible transactions and the necessary remedial measures to be adopted are also suggested
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Bacterial Foraging Optimization, Load- Frequency Control, Super Capacitor Energy Storage, Proportional plus Integral Controller, Restructured Power System, Ancillary Service, Power System Ancillary Service Requirement Assessment Indices

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