PI and Fuzzy Hysteresis Current Controlled Inverter for PMSM Based EVs Drives

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This paper presents a modified hysteresis current control using fuzzy tuned PI current control technique for field oriented control (IFOC) of permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) based Electrical vehicle (EV) drives. In fact, a comparative study of three IFOC drives of PMSM using different current control schemes: the first with conventional hysteresis current control, the second with conventional PI-hysteresis current control and the third with fuzzy tuning PI- hysteresis current control. The simulation was carried out using these current control techniques to study the performance of the PMSM drive. This study proves the high current and torque ripple reduction of the fuzzy tuning PI-hysteresis current control technique comparing to the others current control techniques.
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PMSM; EV Drives; IFOC; Fuzzy; Tuning; PI Controller; Hysteresis Current Controller; Torque Ripple

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