Two Stage KY Converter Voltage Ripple Reduction and Load Regulation by Neuro Fuzzy Controller

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Two stage KY converter is a recent invention by K. I. Hwu and Y. T. Yau in the field of non- isolated DC-DC boost converter. This converter produces low output voltage ripple than the conventional converters. In this article an Neuro Fuzzy controller is designed for controlling the converter to yield very low output voltage ripple with fast load transient response and rapid settling time. The results of proposed Neuro Fuzzy controlled two stage KY converter with the digital simulation by Matlab/Simulink® shows reduction in voltage ripple from 200 milli Volts of the existing Fuzzy controlled system to 1.5 milli Volts by the proposed Neuro Fuzzy controlled two stage KY converter. Further the settling time is achieved very fast along with rapid load transient response of the proposed controller which exhibits the load regulation of the proposed system.
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Neuro Fuzzy Control; KY Converter; Boost Converter; Output Voltage Ripple Reduction; Load Regulation

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