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Open and Short Circuit Diagnosis of a VSI Fed Three Phase Induction Motor Drive Using Fuzzy Logic Technique

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Diagnosing the faults in an induction motor drive has always been a challenging task for the engineers in recent industrial applications. Usually current monitoring techniques are applied to detect various types of induction motor faults. Park’s vectors derived from the stator currents are used for diagnosing faults between the three phase voltage source inverter and the induction motor. In this paper, the fuzzy logic approach with park’s vectors is employed for diagnosing faults such as double line open circuit fault and double line short circuit fault which occur in voltage source inverter fed induction motor. The simulation for faults diagnosis is carried out for 4 kW Induction motor using MATLAB software and the results are discussed.
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Fuzzy Logic; Park’s Vector; Induction Motor; Open Circuit; Short Circuit

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