Performance Evaluation of Multicarrier SPWM Techniques for Single Phase Seven Level Cascaded Embedded Z-Source Inverter

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This paper inquires the performance evaluation of various Multicarrier Pulse Width Modulation techniques with Sinusoidal reference for single phase seven level cascaded Embedded Z-Source inverter designed with embedded DC sources which are connected with LC impedance network in between the input side and the inverter circuit. The Cascaded Embedded Z-Source inverter enhances the fundamental output voltages and reduces the %THD. Performance factors such as %THD, VRMS where measured and CF, DF of output voltage are calculated for different modulation indices. The results are compared. The simulation results indicate that the use of Embedded Z-Source in CMLI boost 40% of the total output voltage. PODPWM technique provides low THD and COPWM technique is found to perform better since it provides relatively higher fundamental VRMS output voltage
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