Application of S-Transform for Fault Detection During Power Swing

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Distance relay is designed to block the tripping operation during a power swing. However, if a fault occurs during a power swing, it should be detected and unblocking function should be evoked to clear the fault as soon as possible. Fault detection during a power swing poses a challenging task. This paper presents an intelligent approach to detect fault during a power swing for correct distance relay operation based on S-Transform analysis on the active power at distance relay point. It is demonstrated that the proposed scheme is very fast and able to accurately discriminate the fault from power swing. To ascertain validity of the proposed scheme, simulations are carried out with the IEEE 9 and 14 bus test systems and its performance have been compared with the wavelet transform based power swing unblocking scheme.
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Distance Protection; Power Swing; S-Transform; Symmetrical Fault, Unsymmetrical Fault

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