Analysis of Electromagnetic Wave Propagation Along Optical Waveguide

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The Analytical method elaborated in this paper is based on a concept of geometrical optics to analyse optical wave propagation along non-uniform optical waveguide. This model will be applied to physical structures which are used in integrated optics to analyse the electromagnetic field distribution inside the guide. To analyse the field distribution inside the non-uniform waveguide and predict the beam propagation of optical energy involved in the propagation process, it is necessary to track the motion  of rays of the spectrum undergo bottom and top reflections on boundaries, when total internal reflections prevail.  The model introduced allows us to determine the distribution of the electromagnetic field inside the waveguide in the region of guided waves. Good agreement is found between the model described hereby and others similar mathematics model, the results performed show also agreement with conventional methods of evaluation used by other works
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Electromagnetic Wave, Integrated Optics, Numerical Method, Optical Waveguide, Geometrical Optics

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