Improvement of Power Quality in Distribution System Using Fuzzy - Unit Vector Controller

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This paper presents a new technique for enhancing power quality by reducing harmonics in the neutral conductor. The 3P4W (Three-Phase Four-Wire) system is commonly used in the distribution system, where single and three phase loads are connected to the PCC (Point of Common Coupling). Due to this loads, system become unbalance and current will flow in the neutral conductor. If loads are non-linear, then the harmonic content of current will flow in neutral along with the fundamental component. The neutral current that may flow towards transformer neutral point is compensated by using a series active filter. In order to reduce the harmonic content, the series active filter is connected in series with the neutral conductor. In this paper, a hybrid model control which consists of unit vector and fuzzy logic based controller is used to reduce the harmonic content in the neutral conductor. The simulation is carried out in MATLAB/SIMULINK to verify the effectiveness of the proposed method.
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Neutral Current; Series Active Filter; Total Harmonic Distortion; Fuzzy Logic

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