Robust Sliding Mode Control for Smoothing the Output Power of DFIG Under Fault Grid

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To improve the dynamic performance of doubly fed induction generator (DFIG) wind and a good ride-through capability, wind turbine system must ensure continuity of service without isolating the electrical grid during the fault. A robust sliding mode control is proposed in this paper, in order to smooth out fluctuations in power output due to the variation of the wind speed and the defects that occur on the grid which leads to a fluctuation in the power injected into the grid electrical, reducing the current transitions in the rotor windings and stabilize the DC bus voltage during the fault. To validate our theoretical study a model was developed in Matlab / Simulink. Simulations were obtained shows the robustness of our approach.
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Doubly Fed Induction Generator; Sliding Mode Control; Grid Electrical; Fault Ride-Through; Wind Turbine; Low Voltage Ride-Through

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