Theoretical and Experimental Estimation of the Hysteretic Component of Friction for a Visco-Elastic Material Sliding on a Rigid Rough Surface

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According to the most recent approaches, the friction coefficient arising between tyre rubber and road can be seen as constituted by three components: adhesion, deforming hysteresis and wear. This paper deals with the estimation of the hysteretic component of friction. This component is due to indentation phenomena regarding contact mechanics of deformable bodies sliding on the asperities of a rough substrate, which exert oscillating forces at the interface, leading to cyclic deformations of the rubber and then to energy "dissipation" via its internal damping. To evaluate this component, a physical model able to calculate energy dissipation of a rubber block indented by a rigid asperity in sliding contact has been built. To this aim the visco-elastic characteristics of the material have been taken into account. The road profile has been modelled as the sum of two sinusoidal waves characterizing the macro and the micro roughness scales. The results coming out from the physical model have been validated by means both of FEM models results and of experimental tests carried on a pin on disk tribometer.
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Visco-Elastic Material; Sliding Friction; Hysteresis Model

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