A Solution to the Combined Economic and Emission Dispatch Using Hybrid HB-SA Algorithm on Large Scale Power System

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In the current scenario Economic Dispatch problem has taken a suitable twist as the public has become increasingly concerned with environmental matters. The dispatch of systems to minimise pollutants, as well as to achieve minimum cost are the two main constraints to be dealt with. In this paper, Global optimization techniques such as Honey Bee’s and Simulated Annealing techniques are employed together (HB-SA) to solve the Combined static Economic and Emission dispatch (CEED) problems in power system. This paper clearly is justified with the results, separately obtained for the above two techniques and is also provided with the results on applying both the algorithms separately. With practical consideration, Economic Dispatch will have non-smooth cost functions with equality and inequality constraints that make the problem, a large-scale highly constrained non linear optimization problem. As to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method, it is subjected to the CEED problems considering (or) handling valve point loading effects. Comparison with other optimization techniques showed the superiority of the proposed HB-SA approach and confirmed its potential for solving nonlinear CEED problems.
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Honey Bees Algorithm; Simulated Annealing; Combined Economic and Emission Dispatch

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