Analysis of Mixed Convection of Alumina-Water Nanofluid Flow Over Heated Cavity Using Lattice Boltzmann Method

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Heat transfer enhancement of incompressible laminar mixed convection using Alumina-water nanofluid was performed numerically in detail. The regularized lattice Boltzmann method is adopted to increase accuracy and stability of simulation. Reynolds number is held constant at 50 where Grashof number and volume fraction are varied from 100 to 2000 and 2% to 8% respectively. Present study found that by increasing the volume fraction, energy transfer is enhanced and average Nusselt number is increased. The computational results also indicate that by means of the present method, not only the microscopic characteristics of the nanofluid flow can be simulated, but also the computational efficiency can be remarkably improved.
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Lattice Boltzmann, Heat Convection; Nanofluid Flow; Volume Fraction; Alumina-Water

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