Implementation of Closed Loop Controlled PFC Bridgeless Cuk Converter Fed PMBLDC Motor in Mining Applications

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Digital Simulation of a Power Factor Correction (PFC) bridgeless Cuk converter based adjustable speed controlled VSI fed PMBLDC motor is presented in this paper. A single-phase DC-DC converter topology based on the bridgeless Cuk converter is employed for PFC which ensures near unity power factor over wide speed range. The proposed speed control scheme has the concept of DC link voltage control proportional to the desired speed of the PMBLDC motor. The speed is regulated by a PI controller. The PFC converter based PMBLDCM drive is designed, modeled and simulated using MATLAB- SimuLink environment. Merits of the proposed power converter include unity power factor, less harmonic content, less switching loss, simpler control stage, higher power density and unidirectional power flow. This drive ensures high accuracy and robust operation from near zero to high speed.
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Bridgeless Cuk Converter; Cuk Converter; Low Harmonic Content; Power Factor Correction (PFC); Hall Position Sensors; Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor; BLDC Motor; Closed Loop Speed Control; PI Controller

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