An Experimental Analysis of a Single Phase Matrix Converter for Adjustable Speed Drives

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The main objective of the proposed work is to design and test a single phase matrix converter with the modern power electronic switches to reduce the power quality issues in AC electrical power conversion system. Due to the increased usage of power electronic converters for processing the power in all walks of our life, the power quality problem becomes the hot research topic in the recent years. This paper presents the performance analysis of a single phase matrix converter with the proposed sinusoidal pulse width modulation for variable AC speed drives. The matrix converter is a single stage ac to ac converter without intermediate dc link. The sinusoidal pulse width modulation is employed with novel switching technique for the control of the power switches. The performance of the matrix converter is analyzed with the proposed switching algorithm for various output frequencies. The proposed algorithm is validated through simulation with Matlab tools and the same is implemented in the hardware to validate the performance.
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AC-AC Converter; Control Technique; Matrix Converter; Power Converters; Power Electronics; Variable Speed Drive

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