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A Novel Scheme for a Feed-In Tariff Policy to Favorite Photovoltaic and Batteries Energy Storage Systems for Grid-Connected End-User

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The paper proposes a novel scheme for a feed-in tariff policy to favorite the adoption of a system which combines a photovoltaic (PV) system and a battery energy storage (BES) system. An optimization problem is also proposed to sizing jointly the PV and the BES systems. The effectiveness of the proposed scheme is evaluated using software simulations; the energy consumption of a real end-user, over each 15 minutes and covering 2011, is also considered. The optimal solution is investigated further in terms of cash flows and life of the batteries. The impact on the load is also discussed in detail. Numerical results demonstrate the attractiveness and the feasibility of the proposed scheme.
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Batteries; Feed-In Tariff; Optimization Problem; Photovoltaic; Storage

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