An Innovative Isolated Bidirectional Soft-Switched Battery Charger for Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle

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Plug-In hybrid electric vehicles could be connected to the electrical grid to be recharged. To ease the charging process, one solution could use an on-board charger to charge the electric vehicle battery. This charger should be able to be connected to a conventional outlet for convenience reasons and moreover, it should be a grid friendly charger in order not to pollute the electrical network. Since most of the electric vehicle related projects are at their initial phases, keeping up with the pace and developing new technologies and proposing innovations and concepts will help growing the industry. In this regard, a new integrated bidirectional isolated soft-switched plug-in hybrid electric vehicle battery charger has been proposed in this paper, which utilizes a phase-shift controlled dual bridge series resonant DC/DC converter. Finally, the performance of the proposed charger has been investigated and verified in PSIM software environment.
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Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles; Integrated Bidirectional Soft-Switched Isolated Battery Charger; PFC; Dual Bridge Series Resonant Converter

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