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Improving Super Grid Performances Using Multifunctional FACTS Controller

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Super Grid is a grid that enables to transfer huge quantity of electricity produced by renewable sources from the production places, located in remote regions, like ocean coasts and Sahara desert, to the consumptions centers. Innovative solutions with HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current) and FACTS (Flexible AC Transmission Systems) have the potential to improve static and dynamic performance of long transmission lines supporting such power flow. In this paper, the model of a switching-converter based controllers, designed in an appropriate flexible and convertible configuration, defined as Multifunctional FACTS Controller (MFC) is proposed. MFC is able to implement the control action of different FACTS devices such as SSSC, STATCOM, UPFC and IPFC. Moreover, in order to improve its performance it is equipped with Fuzzy controllers previously successfully implemented by the authors for the UPFC and IPFC. The simulation results show as the proposed MFC is able to improve the static and dynamic system performances in terms of voltage and current in long transmission lines.
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Super Grid; FACTS; Power Flow Control; Fuzzy Logic

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