New PWM Strategies for Single Phase Asymmetrical Multilevel Inverter

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In this paper, new multicarrier unipolar pulse width modulation strategies for single phase asymmetrical multilevel inverter is proposed. Inverted sine carrier switching control is used to control the single phase asymmetrical cascaded multilevel inverters using Phase Disposition (PD), Alternate Phase Opposition Disposition (APOD), Carrier Overlapping (CO) and Variable frequency (VF) Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) The modulating signal is Trapezoidal Amalgamated Reference (TAR). The performance indices used in this work Total Harmonic Distortion (THD), Root Mean Square (RMS) fundamental voltage, Distortion Factor (DF), Form Factor (FF) and Crest Factor (CF) are evaluated for various modulation index ma=0.7-1. It is found that the COPWM method provides higher fundamental RMS output voltage with relatively low distortion.
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Inverted Sine; Unipolar; THD; Form Factor; Distortion Factor; Crest Factor

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