Simulation and Real-Time Implementation of PI Controller for Negative Output Super Lift Re-Lift Luo Converter

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DC-DC converters are widely used for many industrial and commercial applications especially in aerospace system and traction motor control in electric automobiles. They provide smooth acceleration control, high efficiency and fast dynamic response. Negative output super lift re-lift Luo converter is a new type of DC-DC converter which provides negative output voltage for positive input voltage using voltage lift technique. Luo converters are also employed in a variety of applications including power supplies for personal computers; space-craft power systems, lap-top computers, telecommunication equipments as well as DC motor drives. The present work is on the performance evaluation of negative output super lift re-lift Luo converter. MATLAB software and TMS320LF2407 Digital Signal Processor (DSP) are used to study the dynamic characteristics and analyze the closed loop performances of these converters with resistive load under supply and load disturbances. The simulation and experimental results closely match with each other and highlight the feasibility and validity of the developed control scheme.
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Luo Converter; PI; DSP

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