Dual Z-Source Three Level Inverter Topology with Triplen Harmonic Elimination Employing Clamping Capacitor for Impedance Network for Open End Stator Winding Induction Motor

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In open end stator winding three phase induction motor the two ends of all the phases of stator windings are connected to separate supplies. Open-end winding motors require either harmonic filters or isolation transformers to prevent currents of the triplen harmonic order flowing in the motor phases and the semiconductor devices. Separate dc supply is used for each inverter to block the flow of third harmonic currents. Z-Source Inverter will act as a booster inverter and also due to the presence of source impedance network, it provides ride through shoot through faults. A novel configuration of three level Neutral Point Clamped (NPC) Multi level Inverter with source impedance network, in which impedance network is formed by using the capacitors of the NPC inverter is proposed in this paper. Therefore the numbers of capacitors are reduced and voltage unbalancing of capacitor can be minimized. The proposed configuration offers reduced size and better throughput. The simulation results for the same are presented in this paper.
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Open End Winding Induction Motor; Z-Source; Impedance Network; Triplen Harmonic Elimination

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