Real Time Implementation of Multi Carrier Based PWM Techniques for Single Phase Nine Level Trinary Source CMLI Using dSPACE

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Multi carrier based Pulse Width Modulation techniques have been implemented for switching of prototype of single phase trinary source cascaded multilevel inverter in which 9- level output voltage can be achieved with fewest components. Different species of Carrier Overlapping Pulse Width Modulation (COPWM-A, COPWM-B and COPWM –C) strategies along with trapezoidal reference are used. The gating pulses are generated using dSPACE dS1103 Real Time Interface (RTI) hardware and control desk with MATLAB- SIMULINK environment. It is observed that COPWM-A provides relatively lower THD. Relatively higher RMS output voltage for modulation index ma=0.8 to 1 is obtained with COPWM – B. The performance indices used are Total Harmonic Distortion (THD), Root Mean Square (RMS) output voltage, Crest Factor (CF),Form Factor (FF) and Distortion Factor (DF).
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