Stability Analysis of DFIG based Wind Turbines Connected to Electric Grid

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The exponential increase in demand for electricity in recent years has lead to fast exhaustion of conventional fossils fuels like; natural gas, coal, and oil. Thus it is imperative to move towards non conventional energy sources like; solar, biomass, hydro, and wind. Wind energy is considered as an environmental friendly, technologically developed, and cheap source of energy, among other available renewable sources. The main objective of this work is to investigate the impact of wind penetration on power system dynamics especially related to stability. This paper presents stability (voltage, small, and dynamic) analysis with Doubly Fed Induction Generator (DFIG) based wind turbines. For this purpose, standard benchmark IEEE 14 bus system has been selected. Conventional synchronous generator is replaced by DFIG based wind turbines. The different scenarios have been simulated in MATLAB based toolbox PSAT. The PV curves, eigen value and time domain analysis have been performed to understand the impact of integration of DFIG based wind turbines on power system stability.
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DFIG Based Wind Turbine; PV Curves; Eigen Value Analysis; Transient Stability; IEEE 14 Bus System

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