Grid Quality Hybrid Power System Control of Microhydro, Wind Turbine and Fuel Cell Using Fuzzy Logic

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This paper described a hybrid system that combines micro hydro, wind turbines and fuel cells for remote and isolated areas. The system uses Fuzzy Logic Controllers for tracking the maximum power of wind generator and balancing the power demand using fuel cell. The proposed system provides voltage and frequency as satisfactory as grid quality. The maximum power tracker applied Fuzzy Logic with 3 inputs, e.g. the rotor speed, error and Δ error of rotor speed. The outputs of Fuzzy Logic are the id and iq for adjusting the generator speed control. The balancing of power is met by the electrolysis, which is controlled by dc-to-dc converter. The dc converter is driven by Fuzzy Logic. The simulation results indicate the proposed control system stabilizes the voltage at constantly 220 volt and frequency 49.8 to 50.5 Hz. under various load changes. The best maximum power tracked is 96.2 % when the wind speed is 10 m/s
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Hybrid System; Micro Hydro; Wind Turbine; Fuel Cell; Maximum Power Point Tracker; Fuzzy Logic

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