Analysis of Reduced Complexity Nonbinary LDPC Coding Based on Matrix Structure Modifications

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Nonbinary LDPC coding is a class of excellent error correcting codes in wireless communication systems. The hardware realization of this decoder architecture put forth a challenge at making a better tradeoff between the computation complexities and decoding performance.  This letter proposes modifications in the structure of H-matrix which characterizes the Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) codes. The modification is aimed towards the reduction of computation complexity by retaining the properties of H-matrix. Two masking matrices are proposed with reduced number of non- zero elements, forming the diagonals of the parity check matrix.  Simulation results indicate improved decoding performance and reduced computational complexity with the proposed H-matrix structures.
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Channel Coding; Nonbinary LDPC; Min-Max Algorithm; H-Matrix; Array Dispersion

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