Neuro Fuzzy Controller for Grid Connected Photovoltaic System with Multilevel Inverter

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In recent years power quality is the major issue considered in the power operating devices. Because nowadays power operating applications can be increased, which causes power quality disturbances. The power quality degradation caused voltage deviation and unbalanced voltage in the system. To reduce the power quality disturbance and improve that are the difficult tasks. It is overcome by using a large number of Power electronics devices. Here we proposed the voltage regulation of the grid connected photovoltaic system using a neuro fuzzy controller. It could regulate the voltage at the grid side. This proposed technique consists of photovoltaic cell, that could produce dc voltage and the multilevel inverter has been used for the dc-ac conversion. This proposed technique neuro fuzzy controller used for the pulse generation, in which we have three layers input layer, hidden layer, output layer. The grid output voltage and the difference voltage (difference between photovoltaic voltage and the grid voltage) is the two inputs of the neuro fuzzy controller input layer. Depends on the fuzzy rules, the controller has been trained. The output layer of the neuro fuzzy controller is the controlled voltage, which generate the appropriate gate pulses. This is used to operate the multilevel inverter, it makes the proper conduction in the multilevel inverter. Finally it results regulated voltage has been maintained at the grid side.
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Neuro Fuzzy Controller; Multi Level Inverter; Photo Voltaic Cell (PV Cell); Power Quality; Voltage Regulation

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