Modelling and Controlling of Two Conical Tank Interacting Level System Using Regime Based Multi Model Adaptive Concept

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The implementation of modelling and control algorithms for multi-input/multi-output (MIMO) systems is often complicated due to variations in process dynamics that occur because of change in operating point and characteristics of nonlinear dynamic coupling. Such difficulties often affect performance of modelling techniques and existing industrial controllers such as decoupled based decentralized fixed gain PID and Gain scheduled PID controllers unsatisfactory. In this paper, authors have represented nonlinear dynamics of process as a family of local linear models and local Dynamic Matrix Controllers (DMC) have been designed on the basis of linear models. Using Regime based Multi Model Adaptive Control (MMAC) strategy, Adaptive Dynamic Matrix Controller (ADMC) has been designed to control the nonlinear process. The applicability of the developed ADMC scheme using Regime based Multi Model Adaptive concept has been demonstrated on Two Conical Tank Interacting Level System (TCTILS) which exhibits dynamic nonlinearity and coupling dynamics. Simulation results show that the designed ADMC scheme overcome coupling effects among each degree of freedom and meet the design specifications for each loop independently in each operating regime.
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Dynamic Matrix Control; Multi Model Adaptive Control; Interacting Level System; Model Predictive Control; Real Coded GA

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