Static Var Compensators & Power System Stabilizers with Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Controllers in Wind Farms

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In the operation of wind farms in power system network, the voltage and power flow control is of primary concern in the efficient operation of the system. Various FACTS controllers are being used nowadays, to improve the system profile during the operation of wind farms. Power system stabilizers are used to damp out the rotor oscillations in the wind farm generator, thus enhancing the stability of the system. This paper investigates initially the effect of Static Var Compensator with conventional PI controllers and conventional Power System Stabilizer on the operation of wind farms. The Static Var Compensator are modified in the proposed work to include Fuzzy based controllers and further with Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Controllers and their performances are compared in this paper. The conventional Power System Stabilizer in the DFIG based wind farm is also replaced with Fuzzy Stabilizers and Neuro Fuzzy Stabilizers and the effects of these intelligent controllers studied in the system performance. The results confirm that a wind farm in an interconnected power system network exhibits better performance with Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Controllers for Static Var Compensator & Power System Stabilizers. A greater improvement in voltage profile and power control is obtained using the Hybrid Control technique. MATLAB / Simulink is used to demonstrate the application of Fuzzy and Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Controllers in Static Var Compensator and Power System Stabilizers.
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FACTS Controller; Static Var Compensator; Power System Stabilizers; Fuzzy Controller; Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Controller

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