Modeling, Simulation and Implementation of Low Cost Calibration Method for Active Devices

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Complete characterization of active devices has been done using accurate low cost two-port calibration method, SOLT, with vector network analyzer (VNA) using the 12-term error model.  Generic SOLT test fixtures short, open, load and thru have been designed, simulated and built using grounded coplanar waveguide (GCPW) structure. The test fixtures have been first simulated for design verification and accuracy, and then built, measured and then their fixturing effects have been removed using the 12-term error model with VNA, HP8753ES. Several biasing schemes for the active devices have been simulated, implemented and measured. Results have been compared with the published manufacturer data and close agreement has been seen on all of them. It has been shown that the complete characterization of active devices using SOLT calibration method is possible when test fixtures are implemented using GCPW structure and simulated with planar electromagnetic simulators to increase the accuracy of the characterization parameters. Furthermore, this method helps identifying the best operating conditions of the device under test (DUT) for high performance.
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SOLT; 12-Term Error; Device Characterization; Coplanar Waveguides; S Parameters

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