Diagonal Detection Filter for Simultaneous Faults in Networked Control Systems

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The paper is directed towards simultaneous faults detection for a class of linear networked control system (NCS) subject to induced delay. In reality, certain observations may be missing possibly due to network-induced delay, random packet dropout; access constraints, etc. Therefore, in this work, Diagonal detection filter using the GLR detector (Generalized likelihood ratio) is proposed to perform estimation in network-induced delay. Inspired from the Fault isolation Filter and Adaptive state filter previously proposed in the seminal paper by Keller and Sauter, this paper extends this method of the parallel treatment of multiple jumps to networked control system (NCS). An example is given to shown, the robustness of the proposed method.
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Estimation; Networked Control System (NCS); Fault Detection Filter; GLR Detector; Induced Delay

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