A Practical Approach to the Design of Power Shunt-Reactors with Discretely Distributed Air-Gaps

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In this paper, a practical approach to the design of low-voltage and medium-voltage power shunt-reactors with discretely-distributed air-gaps is proposed. The reactor under design is optimized according to minimum Present Value Cost design objective. Since there is no simple and analytical calculation method for leakage inductance, percentage leakage inductances of various target reactors have been obtained by Finite Element Analysis aided design approach as a function of rated reactive power, rated operating voltage, and temperature rise above the ambient and prepared graphically in the form of nomographs. After reading the percentage leakage inductance of the target reactor on the corresponding nomograph, core and winding structures are determined entirely by analytical calculations. Practical experience has shown that the design of a power shunt-reactor can be completed nearly in one hour time by using the practical design approach presented in the paper, and therefore it is a valuable tool especially for local reactor manufacturers and researchers. The accuracy of the practical design approach has been verified by Finite Element Analysis tools for two different power shunt-reactors having 40 discretely-distributed air-gaps.
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Discretely-Distributed Air- Gaps; Inductance; Power Shunt-Reactor

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