Transient Stability Analysis in Wind Diesel Hybrid System with Fuzzy-PI Based FACTS Controllers

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The paper presents a comparison study of Transient Stability and Reactive Power Compensation Issues in a Wind Diesel Hybrid System with different FACTS Controllers .A Small signal model of the Hybrid System is taken with the use of Fuzzy Logic based PI Controller to compensate the Reactive power generated in an Isolated Wind Diesel hybrid system. Detailed analysis of the system is undertaken with varying loading conditions. Linearised small signal models of SVC, STATCOM and UPFC are taken to study the transient stability analysis of the proposed system with IEEE type 1 Excitation System. A Self tuned Fuzzy PI Controller is implemented to tune the parameters of KP and Ki of the Hybrid System which undergoes through Voltage Instability due to sudden change in load. Simulation result shows that the proposed controller attains steady state value with less time.
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Hybrid System; Small Signal Analysis; Fuzzy-PI Controller; SVC; STATCOM; UPFC; Reactive Power

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