Soft Switching Scheme for a Post-Regulated Current-Fed Push-Pull Converter

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A high-efficiency post regulation method for a zero-voltage and zero-current switching (ZVZCS) current-fed push–pull converter is presented. An auxiliary transformer is incorporated as a post regulator. An additional voltage is either added or subtracted by the regulator to the output filter of the push-pull converter. An auxiliary regulator controls this transformer and it handles only a percentage of the total output power. Therefore, compared to a normal pre-regulator, higher efficiency is obtained. Since the converter is designed for high operational frequency the size and weight of the converter can be reduced and in order to reduce the switching losses, soft switching techniques have been employed. The remarkable feature of the paper presented is that zero voltage and zero current switching is not affected in any of the working conditions.
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DC-DC Isolated Converter; Post Regulator; ZVZC Switching; Push-Pull Converter

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