Analysis of Vertical Axis Turbine Using Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Airfoil for Hydro Power Generation

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As the need for more power generation grows across the country especially in a region like India where the problem of power shortage seems to be a never ending problem, it was necessary to focus on the potential power generating sources available in the region. One such source is river but it is difficult to predict which configuration of turbine for hydro power generation will best suit to meet the requirements. The maximum stream velocity usually ranges from 6-8m/s. However in the analysis maximum stream velocity limit was taken to be 10 m/s. Although efficient under open conditions, traditional horizontal axis turbines are not optimal for use in dense where stream speed and direction are more variable. Conversely, vertical axis turbines can take advantage of incoming stream from any angle, and typically perform better at lower stream speeds associated with the topography of existing infrastructure. In this project the vertical axis turbine having three blades was tested for two configurations- one with symmetrical and other with asymmetrical airfoil at different stream velocities. Transient computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations were done using 1 m diameter turbine. An analytical study is done on the behaviour of the turbine with these aforementioned configurations to determine which configuration will meet the requirements.
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CFD; Vertical Axis Turbine; K-Epsilon Model

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