Modelling and Simulation of MEMS Electret Vibration-Driven Energy Harvesters

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To solve the problem of feeding the remote microsystems the electret microgenerators powering by the energy of ambient micro vibrations were analyzed. The numerical modeling of all the operation modes of these generators was performed not taking into account the certain design of mechanical part of their operation. This approach allows one to analyze generator operation in the full range of possible parameters, such as generation frequency, load, capacitance modulation depth and electret polarization value. The cases of out-of-plane vibrations as well as the lateral (in-plane) shift of the capacitor plates were investigated. Basing on the results of numerical modeling of all the operation modes of electret generators the analytical expressions for maximum generated power were derived. The performed analysis has shown that for the range of low frequency vibrations (10-100 Hz) the power density could be increased by two orders of magnitude compared with known prototypes
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Electret Microgenerators; Electrostatics; Energy Harvesting; High Power; Modeling

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