Simulation Studies of Follow Current Struck by 10/350μs Impulse Current

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The paper introduced the work principle of the 10/350μs impulse current generation and analyzed the feature of the crowbar trigger circuit. Crowbar trigger circuit with 10/350μs impulse current and follow current of voltage switching type surge protective device (SPD) has been researched using EMTP simulation. In order to simulate voltage switching type SPD, the equivalent impedance of the sample and the acting time of crowbar can be obtained from test. The simulation showed that follow current trend of positive and negative polarity were almost the same under impulse of 10/350μs impulse current. With the same synchronous trigger angle, the initial part of follow current of SPD can be influenced due to the different polarity of impulse current.
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Impulse Current Generator; Voltage Switch Type Surge SPD; Crowbar Trigger Circuit; Equivalent Impedance; EMTP Simulation

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