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Optimum Long - Term Generation Maintenance Scheduling to Enhance the Grid Reliability Using Particle Swarm Optimization

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This paper presents an optimum long – term generation maintenance scheduling to enhance the grid reliability using Particle Swarm Optimization. Maintenance scheduling establishes the outage time scheduling of units in a particular time horizon. In a monopolistic power system, maintenance scheduling is being done upon the technical requirements of power plants and preserving the grid reliability. While in power system, technical viewpoints and system reliability are taken into consideration in maintenance scheduling with respect to the economical viewpoint. In this paper a Particle Swarm Optimization methodology for finding the optimum preventive maintenance scheduling of generating units in power system. The objective function is to maintain the units as earlier as possible. Various constraints such as spinning reserve, duration of maintenance and maintenance crew are being taken into account. In case study, a 66 bus utility power system in India with twelve generating units and IEEE test system consist of 24 buses is used.
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Generation Maintenance Scheduling; Grid Reliability; Particle Swarm Optimization

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