Line Flow Constraint Combined Economic Emission Dispatch with Valve Point Loading by Differential Evolution Algorithm

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Combined Economic Emission Dispatch (CEED) is a bi-objective problem, needs to find a generating pattern to minimize generating cost and emission. Generating cost and Emission are function of real power generation. Economic Load Dispatch (ELD) is used to find minimum generating cost but emission and other physical and control variables limits are not found. In CEED minimum generating cost along with minimum emission is calculated and subjected to real and reactive power balance equation, upper and lower bound of real and reactive power, voltage and MVA power transfer in the transmission lines. CEED in the earlier literatures is used to find minimum generating cost and emission but reactive power is not taken into account and line flow limits are not checked. In this paper CEED is solved to find its bi-objective, real and reactive power losses are calculated using Newton Raphson (NR) method and subjected to power balance equality constraints and inequality constraints of real, reactive, voltage and line flow limits. Differential Evolution (DE) algorithm is used to solve this CEED, to validate results IEEE test case 30 bus is considered.
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CEED; Emission Dispatch; Valve Point Loading; Line Flow Constraint; DE Algorithm

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