Contribution to the Study of Simulation of Hybrid Systems (Wind-PV) for the Pumping of Water in Arid Areas

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In Algerian Sahara, the development of date palm cultivation and preservation of existing phoenicicultural is a major concern of farmers of the oases; The extension of this activity encouraged by the support program of the state to planting of new palm plots, has faced the constraint of lack of network electrification, essential for pumping irrigation water. To this end, this paper focuses on proposing a solution based on the use of renewable energies, available in area. A simulation study of hybrid energy system (Photovoltaic-Wind), applied to the irrigation of date palm in the region of Bechar, located in southwest of Algeria was carried out. This work has treated the modeling and the dimensioning of the hybrid system, based on the satisfaction of daily flow requested by an area of one hectare planted with palm trees irrigated by drop by drop technique. The interest of the twinning of photovoltaic-wind system to the technique of micro-irrigation, witch was introduced in the South of contry  during the year 2000 was highlighted. The comparative economic analysis of capital costs of the three variants, solar, wind and hybrid showed that the photovoltaic system is the optimal solution for the area of Bechar.
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Photovoltaic; Wind; Hybrid; Date Palm; Micro-Irrigation

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