A Spin Ring Crossover Operator Using FPGA

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The genetic algorithms are adaptive search algorithms based on natural evolution and selection. The concept in genetics is based on simulating a population in a natural process that is considered to be fittest. Every individual from a population is said to undergo a specific selection rules to maximize the fitness function. To overcome the fitness function, the genetic algorithm should have an efficient crossover operator. The cross over is one of the major operation as it aims to produce an offspring with the best properties of the parents. The resultant fittest offspring termed as a new population, replaces the parent set in generational genetics.  In this paper, a new crossover operator called as spin ring crossover operator (SRC) has been proposed and implemented in hardware. The SRC is designed, simulated and implemented in vertex 2 FPGA.  The comparisons with other conventional crossover operators are carried out in terms of resource and delay parameters.
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Population; Crossover; Offspring; Recombination; Fitness

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