Vol 8, No 4 (2014)

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Bluff Body Edge Effect on Pressure-Hill and Zone of Influence PDF
Ethirajan Rathakrishnan 662-666

Route Optimization of Automated Warehouse with the Aid of Modified Genetic Algorithms (MGA) PDF
Vangeri Ashokkumar, S. S. Hebbal 667-679

Numerical Simulation of Free Convection Flow in a Saturated Porous Medium with Finite Differences Method PDF
Driss Achemlal, Mohammed Sriti, Mohamed El Haroui 680-688

The Influence of Microstructure and Specimen Size Ratio on the Elastic Modulus of a Bar Element PDF
Olufemi T. Akintayo 689-701

Effect of Porosity and Geometry on Nonlinear Heat Transfer and Temperature Distribution of an Annular Porous Fin Subjected to Free Convection and Radiation PDF
Ali Jandaghi, Seyfolah Saedodin 702-708

Experimental Investigation Of Performance and Emission Of Single Cylinder diesel Engine Operating on Diesel Blended with Nano Particles PDF
Thangasamy Ganesan, P. Seenikannan, C. Kailasanathan 709-713

Design of Controllers for Dual-Motor Ball and Beam System PDF
M. Lakshmanan, R. Ganesan 714-721

Study and Investigations on Process Parameters for Bead Geometry during Cladding by Pulsed MIG Welding Process PDF
R. Prabhu, T. Alwarsamy 722-729

Application of High Frequency Acceleration Envelope Power Spectrum and ANN for Fault Diagnosis on Journal Bearing Under Various Loading Conditions PDF
T. Narendiranath Babu Naren Babu, T. Manvel Raj Manvel Raj, T. Lakshmanan Lakshmanan 730-741

Navigational Intelligence of an Autonomous Mobile Robot participating in an Agent Based Architecture co-ordinates PDF
Bala Subramanian Madevan, K. Sudhagar, G. Rajarajeswari 742-749

Application of Swirling Flows in Aspiration Systems PDF
Valery N. Azarov, Dmitri P. Borovkov, Awadh M. Redhwan 750-753

MHD Forced Convection Boundary Layer Slip Flow in Darcy-Forchheimer Porous Medium with Effects of Chemical Reaction PDF
Shahirah Abu Bakar, Norihan Md Arifin, Fadzilah Md Ali, Roslinda Nazar 754-760

Development of Laminated Rubber-Metal Spring using Standard Malaysia Rubber Constant Viscosity-60 PDF
Mohd Azli Salim, A. Putra, M. A. Abdullah, N. Ahmad 761-765

Preliminary Study of using Kerf as an Alternative to Crack Interactions in Multiple Edge Cracks based on Non-Uniform Stress Distribution PDF
Ahmad Faizal Annuar, M. S. Abdul Manan, - Haftirman, A. N. M. Khalil 766-771

Mathematical Model of Productivity with Reliability and Losses Parameters for Serial Structure Linear Production Automated Flow Line: A Simulation Analysis PDF
Chan Sin Tan, Ryspek Usubamatov, M. A. Fairuz, M. F. M. A. Hamzas 772-778

Mass transfer in the apparatuses with preformed packing bodies PDF
Zhandos Serikuly, Alexander Anatolievich Volnenko, Kumisbekov Serik Arginbaevich 779-784

Multi-Characteristics Optimization During Turning of 6063 T6 Aluminium Alloy Using Weighted Principal Component Analysis PDF
Jayaraman Ponnambalathandi, L. Mahesh Kumar 785-790

Strain – Concentration Factor of Notched Bars under Combined Loading PDF
Hitham Mahmmoud Tlilan, Nashmi H. AlRasheedi 791-797

Simulation of Single Cylinder Engine Fuel with Alternative Fuel by Using Available Software PDF
Muhammad Syahir Ali, M. T. Musthafah, A. M. Mohd Shafie, R. A. Bakar 798-802

Short Term Weekly Flow Prediction for Sustainability of Tanks & Study of Tank Capacity PDF
S. Suresh, P. S. Senthilkumar 803-809

Optimization of Sheet Metal Parts Nesting Using Genetic Algorithm PDF
K. Ramesh, N. Baskar, A. Pandianathan 810-815

Silicon Carbide Powder from Rice Husk: Preparation and Characterization PDF
G. Sivakumar, V. Ananthi 816-819

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