Vol 14, No 7 (2020)

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Guided Air by Convection to Cool-Down Inclined Channel Supported by Two Heat Sources PDF
Mounir Kriraa, Khalid Souhar, Driss Achemlal, Mustapha El Alami 406-413

Vibration Reduction of an Excavator Bucket Using Attachment Technique PDF
Md Shahriar Islam, Fahim Mahmud Khan, Md Zahid Hossain 414-423

Reviewing the Flow Film Condensation Parameters Inside Different Geometry Configuration PDF
Mustafa A. Abdulhussain 424-448

Unified Approach for the Design, Manufacture and Test of an Off-Road Rubber Tracked Ground Vehicle (TGV) PDF
Munzer S. Y. Ebaid, Mohammed M. Zughayer 449-464

Influence of Machining Parameters on the Surface Roughness Obtained When Milling AISI 4140 Steel PDF
Slimane Benchiheub, Mohieddine Benghersallah 465-469

Accuracy of Geometry of Plastic Gear Produced with 3D Printing Technology PDF
Jarosław Kotliński, Karol Osowski, Zbigniew Kęsy, Andrzej Kęsy 470-476

Numerical Investigation of Hydrodynamic Behavior of Foil Shaped Zinc Anode for Reducing the Hull Appendages Effect PDF
Ahmad Fauzan Zakki, Good Rindo, Mohammad Ridwan, Bukhari Kusuma Alam 477-484

Experimental Study on Coaxial Swirling Flows PDF
Andreas Naxakis, Athanasios Giannadakis, Konstantinos Perrakis, Thrassos Panidis 485-492

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