Vol 14, No 6 (2020)

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Laminar-Turbulent Transition on a Cambered NACA 16-009 Airfoil at Low Speed PDF
Benoît G. Marinus, Jan Vercauteren, Robin Vandenberghe, Julie Smeulders 351-359

Operating Properties of Tools Manufactured on 3d Printers Used in the Manufacture of Construction Materials PDF
Jaroslaw Kotlinski 360-364

Numerical Simulation of Isolated Main Rotor and Full Helicopter Configuration in Vertical Autorotative Descent PDF
Zineb Elkhaldi, Lahouari Adjlout, Omar Imine, Ondrej Sikula 365-373

Pros and Cons of Electricity Generation from Different Available Sources PDF
Olumide Adewole Towoju, Felix Adedayo Ishola 374-380

Effects of Included Angle on Local Pool Boiling of V-Shape Tubes PDF
Myeong-Gie Kang 381-387

Optimum Values Regular Structure Converters for Converting the Vibration into Electric Energy PDF
Zhandos Serikuly, Alexander Anatolievich Volnenko, Serik Arginbaevich Kumisbekov 388-395

Sensitivity Analysis Applied to the Thermodynamic Diagnosis of Combustion in a Diesel Engine with DIAGNO-DIESEL® Software PDF
Edwin Espinel, Javier Cardenas, Gonzalo Romero 395-405

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