Vol 14, No 3 (2020)

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A Simulation of the Effect of Iraqi Diesel Fuel Cetane Number on the Performance of a Compression Ignition Engine PDF
Mohammed Kadhim Allawi, Mohanad Kadhim Mejbel, Younis Muhsin Younis, Sabah Jameel Mezher 151-159

Method and Technology for Continuous Control of Performance and Operating Quality of Automotive and Combine Machinery PDF
Ildar Gabitov, Samat Insafuddinov, Ildar Badretdinov, Viktor Pavlenko, Filyus Safin 160-168

Experimental Analyses Defining Mechanical Characteristics of Obtained W-Cu-Ni Composite Applied as a Radiation Shielding Material PDF
Francisco Carlos Cione, Evandro Giuseppe Betini, Marcos Galante Boato, Armando Cirilo de Souza, Jesualdo Luiz Rossi 169-176

Steady and Transient Numerical Solutions for Turbulent Fountain Jet PDF
Remili Sadia, Azzi Abbes 177-184

New Design of a Solar Collector Reflector PDF
Mutaz Elayyan, Ismail Kaleel Al Masalha, Aiman Al Alawin, Hussein Maaitah, Abdel Salam Alsabagh 185-191

Effect of Heating B20 Biodiesel Fuel to Increase Performance Using Heat Recovery of Cooling Jacket on Diesel Engine PDF
Barokah Barokah, Semin Semin, Beny Cahyono, Bambang Sampurno 192-197

Experimental Evolution of Curvature with Substrate and Alumina Thicknesses on Aluminum Anodizing PDF
Zoubai Elhadi, A. Raid, V. Fridrici, P. Christophe, N. Boualem, Ph. Kapsa 198-207

Experimental Study and Mathematical Modelling of Loquat Drying: Effect of the Drying Method on Quality PDF
Miloud Lahbari, Djamel Fahloul 208-217

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