Vol 12, No 4 (2018)

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Path Planning of an AGV in the Presence of Two Elliptical Forbidden Regions PDF
M. Anil Prakash, K. V. L. Raju, V. Ramachandra Raju 302-309

Cylinder Head Bolts Tightening Strategies Parameters Finalization by Taguchi Method for Multi Cylinder Engines PDF
Abhijeet Vithal Marathe, G. Venkatachalam, Neelkanth V. Marathe 310-319

Numerical Study of Domestic Solar Refrigerator Using PCM Storage PDF
Ahmed Abed Saleh 320-327

Possibilities for Increasing the Signal-To-Noise Ratio in Technical Vision Systems of Robotic Complexes Using Laser Structured Lighting PDF
Aleksandr V. Krotov, Sergei Artamonov, Victor Kuprenyuk, Viktorija Nikitina, Nikolai Romanov, Evgeny Sosnov 328-333

Composition and Structural Characterization of the Extractive Pitches as Compared with the Commercial Reference Pitches of Different Origins PDF
Fedor Buryukin, Peter Kuznetsov, Anastasiya Obukhova, Ludmila Kuznetsova, Svetlana Kositcyna 334-340

Effect of Fuel Injection Strategies on Performance and Emissions in HCCI Engines: a Review PDF
Hassan A. Aljaberi, A. Aziz Hairuddin, Nuraini Abdul Aziz 341-353

Risk Analysis for Cooperation Between the Driver and the Control System of an Autonomous Vehicle PDF
Olmer Garcia Bedoya, Janito Vaqueiro Ferreira 354-363

A Review: Non-Evaporating Spray Characteristics of Biodiesel Jatropha and Palm Oil and Its Blends PDF
Annisa Bhikuning, Eriko Matsumura, Jiro Senda 364-370

Adaptive Welding of S960QC UHSS for Arctic Structural Applications PDF
Emmaniel Afrane Gyasi, Paul Kah, Heikki Handroos, Pavel Layus, Sanbao Lin 371-381

Design, Simulation, and Control of an Omnidirectional Mobile Robot PDF
Camilo Caceres, João Rosário, Dario Amaya 382-389


Development of a Robotized Sorting Unit - Study of Optical Systems for Recognition of Object Type and Material PDF
Ivan V. Krechetov, Arkady A. Skvortsov, Ivan A. Poselsky, Matvey A. Klimov, Pavel S. Lavrikov 390

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