Vol 12, No 1 (2018)

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Algorithm for Tool Grasp Detection PDF
Paula Useche Murillo, Robinson Jimenez, Ruben Hernandez Beleño 1-8

Holistic Scrubber for the Purification of Biogas from Community and Household Digesters PDF
Antony Paul Pallan, S. Antony Raja, C. G. Varma, D. K. Deepak Mathew 9-17

Estimation of Design Parameters for the Development of Exoskeletons Based on Dynamic and Structural Analysis PDF
Germán Darío Buitrago Salazar, João Maurício Rosário, Olga Lucia Ramos Sandoval 18-25

Model and Simulation of Thermal Cracking for a Heavy Crude Oil Stream in Oil Refining PDF
Jorge Buitrago, Dario Amaya, Olga Ramos 26-32

Experimental and Computational Exploration of Underexpanded Jets from Conical, Bell and Double Parabolic Nozzles PDF
A. K. Mubarak, P. S. Tide 33-41

Multi-Objective Optimization in End Milling Process of ASSAB XW-42 Tool Steel with Cryogenic Coolant Using Grey Fuzzy Logic and Backpropagation Neural Network-Genetic Algorithm (BPNN-GA) Approaches PDF
Bobby Oedy Pramudyo Soepangkat, R. Norcahyo, D. R. Pamuji, N. Lusi 42-54

Special Section on "ICMESCoE-2017"

Dynamic analysis of Compressor Mounting Bracket in Automobiles PDF
P. H. Bhat, S. S. Sarawade, Shravan H. Gawande 55-59

Numerical and Experimental Analysis of Compressor Mounting Bracket in Automobiles PDF
P. H. Bhat, S. S. Sarawade, Shravan H. Gawande 60-69

Investigation and New Approach to Determine Initial Depth of Circumferential Groove to Simulate Turbine Wheel Burst PDF
K. A. Mahajan, S. S. Borikar, G. Hemanth Kumar 70-77

Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) of Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) Turning Center PDF
R. B. Patil, B. S. Kothavale 78-87

Experimental and Analytical Analysis of Crack Propagation on Spur Gear Due to Bending Fatigue and Service Life Estimation PDF
M. A. Mohite, B. S. Kothavale 88-96

Convection Heat Transfer Studies on Rectangular Fin Arrays with Different Surface Roughness, Perforations or Protrusions on Fins – a Review PDF
R C. Chikurde, B. S. Kothavale, N. K. Sane, S. V. Dingare 97-106

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