Vol 11, No 10 (2017)

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Special Issue on "ICMESCoE-2017"

Guest Editorial Board PDF
S. H. Gawande 716

Preface PDF
S. H. Gawande 717

Experimental Investigation of Tool Vibration Effect on the Surface Roughness in Facing Operation of PMMA Material PDF
K. A. Mahajan, P. K. Brahmankar, R. Balasubramanium, M. R. Dhakad 718-724

Design Optimization of Air Injector Nozzle to Enhance Air Turbulence for Complete Combustion PDF
Prem Nikumbh, Alviz Panjwani, Sachin R. Kandharkar 725-729

Experimental and Finite Element Analysis of Single Dimple Sheet for Stress Analysis PDF
G. S. Waghmare, R. R. Arakerimath 730-736

Feasibility of Solar Steam Cooking for 500 Students Using Scheffler Dishes at Institute Canteen PDF
Akash M. More, M. M. Wagh 737-742

Optimization of Design Parameters of Bellows Using Taguchi Method PDF
S. K. Makke, A. A. Keste, Shravan H. Gawande 743-747

Design and Analysis of Performance Oriented Road Legal Muffler PDF
A. R. Shinde, J. B. Patil, Nagesh K. Chougule, S. H. Gawande 748-757

Green Free Electrical Energy from Living Plants PDF
Shivaji V. Gawali, Amey V. Kardile, T. S. Kabra, P. P. Sangale 758-762

Diesel Engine Exhaust Emission Control Using Eco-Friendly Materials PDF
Vishwajit Patil, L. G. Navale, M. I. Talib 763-768

A Comparative Study of the Enhancement of Heat Transfer by Delta Wing Vortex Generators and V Shaped Dimples Using Experimentation and CFD PDF
A. A. Satam, V. N. Raibhole 769-773

Development of Visual Identification System for Classification of Part Family for Medium Scale Industries PDF
N. Chandra Sekhar, P. Laxminarayana 774-779

Comparison of Net Meter Policy of Maharashtra with Other States in India for Solar PV Power Plant PDF
Aishvarya M. Khuntale, M. M. Wagh 780-786

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