Vol 11, No 9 (2017)

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Heat Transfer Augmentation in Heat Exchanger by Passive Techniques: a Review PDF
V. S. Chandratre, A. A. Keste, N. K. Sane 635-643

The Vibration Characteristics of Gofasa Wood (vitex cofassus) PDF
Debby Raynold Lekatompessy, I. Made Ariana, Achmad Zubaydi, Erwandi Erwandi 644-650

A Novel Tolerance Design Approach to Manufacturing and Quality Loss Cost Optimization in Mechanical Assemblies PDF
George Kaisarlis, George Stathakis 651-660

Laser Beam Ultrasonic Assisted Fluxless Soldering of Ceramics Using Bi-Ag-La Solder PDF
Roman Koleňák, Igor Kostolný, Michal Šimek 661-665

Taguchi Based Grey Relational Analysis Methodology for Semi Active Suspension System Using MR Damper PDF
R. N. Yerrawar, R. R. Arakerimath 666-672

Bonding Strength of Polyamide Coating on Steel Substrate in Friction Units of Machines PDF
Albert Yakovlevich Bashkarev, Vladimir Vasilievich Bukreev, Aleksandra Vladimirovna Kuschenko, Aleksandr Vasilievich Stukach 673-676

Modeling and Numerical Simulation of the Motion of a Solid Particle in a Fluid Flow PDF
H. Benbih, Kamal Gueraoui, M. Driouich, M. Taibi, M. Saidi Hassani Alaoui 677-682

Development of Dual-Arm Assistant Robot: Motion Trajectory Planning for the Manipulator Arm PDF
Ivan Vladimirovich Krechetov, Arkady Alekseevich Skvortsov, Pavel Sergeevich Lavrikov, Vladislavs Korotkovs 683-691

Influence of External Heat Transfer by Convection on Time Lag and Decrement Factor of Building Walls PDF
Zakaria Aketouane, M. Malha, A. Bah, O. Ansari 692-700

Aerodynamic Characteristics of the Milling and Rotary Snowblower Feeder in the Loading Gate Area PDF
Denis Aleshkov, Mikhail Sukovin 701-708

Performance Analysis of Neem and Palm Bio-Diesel Blend on Diesel Engine - a Review PDF
Pradeep U. Gaikwad, K. N. Balan, B. R. Ramesh Bapu 709-715

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